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Poker Online


Online Poker Playing at a Higher Level

Try these simple tips to transform your poker online playing abilities and see for yourself as your poker bankroll soars.

The first thing you have to do when playing poker online is to take this game serious. This is not a friendly game of poker with friends, you are in a game against people from around the world who want nothing put to take all your chips as quickly as possible.

If the poker site has a chat feature, either turn it off or only ready other players comments. Never talk and give away any information. If you see players talking about bad beats, getting bluffed off hands, and folding the best hands, you can use it to beat them down the road.

Stop letting those distractions in your house ruin your chances to winning a bundle of cash. Never drink alcohol when playing, turn off your TV, log off your Facebook account, and tell your friends you will call them later because you are focusing at your work.

Stop playing at the no limit tables and move down to a limit table where you will not be putting all your chips at risk on any given hand. The competition is easier and the speed of the game is slower at the lower limit tables too.

Get in the habit of bluffing more consistently. Start bluffing for the blinds, then as you build up your confidence you can go for the times a draw gets there on the river and the table is terrified someone caught and they are going to hand down a killer bad beat.

Be sure that if you are playing poker online you know when to call it a day. If you don't have a limit, make one or you will play late into the night and give all your winnings back.